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Working with Square Processing

by Will

Finally, we can talk about this exciting partnership.  A few months back, Forbes published THIS article about the payment processing company Square, who had just begun quietly working with CBD companies to provide merchant services.  This caused a huge flood of traffic to Square, a big portion of which were still feeling the huge ripple effects of the Elavon debacle (perhaps you read our article on that?).  The rush of new applications subsequently led to Square cancelling the program all together.

At CannaPlanners, we pride ourselves on the level of customer service we’re able to offer to this emerging industry; we believe we have a product that is professional, aesthetically pleasing, in addition to being served on enterprise-level hosting solutions (we’re mad secure, yo), which is exactly what we pitched to Square following the cancellation of their CBD pilot program.  We went in through their Partner Program and forged a relationship built on trust and professionalism.  Square understands that we serve a very specific type of client who is willing to invest in their digital platform, and knew that we’d only be bringing them the best CBD and hemp companies for payment processing.

Since forming this partnership back in May, we’ve set up almost all of our clients with Square.  Our clients who run amazing CBD businesses are able to continue connecting with their customers, sell their products and grow their brands better than ever.

We’d love to get you set up!

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