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Using Your Blog & SEO in your Email Marketing

by Zach


Email is the only marketing channel that you truly own. When your Instagram, Facebook, or even your website are shut down due to regulatory or compliance-related issues (let’s hope this doesn’t happen), you can still send a good ol’ fashioned email!

This also means that you can be much more candid in email, and you can typically get away with using keywords or saying things that might get you flagged on social media or your blog. For this reason, we recommend building up that email list and using it wisely. You should be emailing your list at least a few times a month!

Are you only using email to announce sales and discounts?

Don’t underestimate email as a powerful tool to deliver value and insight to your community! It’s easy to send emails about sales and discounts. But those can get old; not to mention, you can only give so much away at a discount before it negatively impacts your bottom line. So that begs the question, if you’re not sending notifications about sales & discounts, what are you emailing your customer base about?

Well, it’s pretty simple. What are they interested in? What questions are they asking you about your products? What topics are they curious about? Send them answers, let them know you’re thinking about the same things they are, and show them your expertise where you can!

Here are a few quick email examples

Use these examples to establish your brand as an authority and drive more revenue:

  1. Educational blog posts: your blog is important! You use it to delve into issues that your product solves, so why not highlight your latest post in an email? Use it to answer questions, provoke intrigue, and provide valuable insight.
  2. Product info: (how to use, what they’re for, who they’re for, etc) you know why your products are so awesome, but not everyone does! Highlight products and why your audience needs to try them out. Pinpoint specific product qualities that seem obvious to you, but may not be so clear for everyone else.
  3. Testimonials: what’s better than happy customers leaving reviews? Almost nothing! User-generated content speaks volumes to the quality of your products and is one of the best forms of social proof out there.
  4. Questions: ask your customer base for feedback on new products, ask them what they like about your brand or product line, or ask what new products they’d like to see in your shop.

If you’re signed up for SEO services or another type of recurring content creation service, utilize that content in your email! If your SEO specialist writes a blog post to rank in search results, chances are your email list will be interested in the topic of that blog post. Use the headlines of the blog post as subject lines for email, and schedule 1 blog post every other week. This way your audience receives education & value from your email outside of just sales & discounts. This will also help build their trust in you as a brand!

Use emails as a bridge to your website

The goal of any email is get the recipient to click a link and come to your site. This means that not every email needs to be about your products. Not every email has to be an attempt at a sale. You can send an email telling someone about a new blog post you published. If it’s about a topic that person is interested in, and you did a good job of building some intrigue in your email, chances are that person will come to read your blog, and they might end up buying something!

But even if they read your blog post and choose not to buy something then & there – that’s still a big win! Why? Because although you didn’t make an immediate sale, you did establish credibility & brand trust, which will lead to better customer retention and more sales over time.

Keep it simple

Remember, email should be quick & simple. Most people don’t enjoy super long emails, especially if they weren’t expecting to hear from you. If you’d like to hear some more ideas or if you need help getting your email marketing strategy in order, fill out the form and we’ll reach out to you ASAP!

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