Tips to Improve the Design of your Website

by Kate

So You’ve Come to CannaPlanners to Look Beautiful.

We get it. That’s what we do, but that’s not all we do. We make it our responsibility to make sure you stay beautiful.

How do we do this?

The CannaPlanners Page Builder system, our modular platform, solves for consistent beauty with a two-pronged approach ::

FIRST – The CannaPlanners Page Builder System is a fancy, easy-to-use plug-and-play-style platform. Meaning you choose building blocks that seamlessly fit together to achieve ‘a look’. Not just any look; a curated look that is designed specifically for your brand. Curious about our building blocks? SCOPE THIS.

SECOND – Once we’ve curated your building blocks, we hand them over to you. This means you don’t have to come to us every time you need to add content, update a photo or create a landing page. We train you how to do that. In essence, we hand the power over to you. And that in itself is a beautiful thing, no?

In our long journey of working with lots-and-lots of clients in the Cannabis industry, we’ve found laying some ground rules on web design best practices to be helpful.

So here goes.
… … …

Our Golden Rule :: MORE IS NOT BETTER!

When it comes to PHOTOGRAPHY, more pictures are not better.

  • High Quality is a must (especially for headers/banner images). Choose a few really great photos and repeat them throughout the site (6 or 7 at most).
  • Every header/call-to-action does not need a new picture. It’s confusing/distractive to the user’s psyche.
  • Keep them in the same landscape as much as possible. Focus your photography on what you want to play up. Family, Farm, Products. Let that imagery speak + sell for you.

When it comes to CONTENT, more words are not better.

  • Just because a module offers space for content does not need you need to fill it (again, too many words are distracting).
  • Tell your story in bite size pieces and drive users to learn more elsewhere (deeper into ‘hidden pages’ or other outlets – YouTube Channel, IG, Facebook, ETC). The site is to fuel the point-of-sale. Short novellas are not necessary unless you’re a blogger which is a different story altogether.
  • If you want help dwindling down your content/properly placing words on your site – ask us for help.

When it comes to FONTS, more fonts/colors are not better.

  • A few (3) at most w/in the same/complimentary family works.  Anything more is harsh/distractive.
  • We recommend assembling a system. IE all title text is a certain font. All standard content, another. Anything quoted – yet another. Stick with a system and the user will feel more at ease.

When it comes to FUNCTIONALITY, more pages are not better.

  • “Quality content, with choice keywords is better than quantity content just for the sake of posting” (quoted from our SEO specialist).
  • The site map should be SIMPLE. We recommend no more than 6 top-level pages in the nav bar. The goal is to drive users from one page-to-another seamlessly + smartly. 
  • If you want help on the smart front, we’ve got you covered. We’re well-versed in the method to navigation.

When it comes to WHITE SPACE, more white space IS better.

  • Well placed white space we should say.  To break up pictures + words. We want the user experience to be alive, flowing and free. Nothing cluttered.
  • Complimentary module combinations can assist with this. You can scope them out here HERE

… … …

Beauty is a skill set.
Let us help you hone yours.
We take it very seriously at CannaPlanners HQ.

May we all stay fly,

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