Site Launch Roundup – Summer and Fall 2019 – Part 2

by Will

Let the Good Times Roll!

Riding on the tails of our Part 1 Roundup, here are a few more amazing web projects we’ve had the pleasure to work on for a lot of awesome Cannabis companies 

Jubilee Farm

Southern Vermont represent!  We do a lot of small batch CBD producers, who are on a mission to create the highest quality Vermont-grown hemp/CBD products on the market.  Jubilee Farm is holding down the fort in the bottom half of Vermont, and have already managed to push their products all the way to Ohio.  Go go go!!

Check out what we did for Jubilee Farm HERE

White River Grow Pro

Mark Twain famously said “During the gold rush its a good time to be in the pick and shovel business” – and if CBD is the gold rush, then lights and nutrients are the picks and shovels.  White River Grow Pro is one of the best businesses supporting people growing hemp and Cannabis… they also sell picks and shovels.  With over 1,000 products, it was important to include smart ways to navigate through all the categories of things they sell.  Game on!

Check out the White River Grow Pro website HERE

The Healing Rose

Every so often you meet a team of people so passionate, and inspiring that you feel compelled to get to know them and do whatever it takes to join their energy.  Laura and Zach of the Healing Rose, are just such folks.  Their knowledge for all-things CBD have helped them skyrocket to stardom – and have led to them being recognized business leaders in their field.  With a huge array of CBD products, it was important for them to make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for, view testing results, and find out what events the Healing Rose will be attending (spoiler alert – it’s all of them).

Check out the gorgeous site we built for the Healing Rose HERE

Land Craft Wellness

New York State… vast, wide-open areas, renowned for the amazing, fertile soil that has sustained the agricultural economy since the birth of America.  Until 1937, when it was made illegal, there were many hemp farms growing an amazingly versatile cash crop.  Well, since the passage of the Farm Bill, these farms have started planting Hemp once again and Land Craft Wellness is leading the charge – growing some of the best quality hemp, and from it, making some really awesome products.

Check out the website we built for Land Craft Wellness HERE

Lazy Bones Treats

Based in Waterbuy, VT – Linnae and Ryan, and their 3 dogs, began Lazy Bones Treats in 2018 when they couldn’t find any wellness treats that weren’t loaded with other garbage.  They decided to create their own line of CBD Dog Treats, made using CBD from Elmore Mountain Therapeutics (another happy CannaPlanners client) and have done an outstanding job bootstrapping their brand into a potential game-changer.  We love seeing husband/wife entrepreneurial duos creating their own life around things they find meaningful and couldn’t be happier to be working with them!

Sit…Stay, and then head over to the awesome website we built for Lazy Bones Treats to fetch yourself some treats HERE

Jenny’s Baked at Home

We met Jenny at a Cannagather in NYC.  Her energy and excitement around her mission to educate people on the incredible properties of cannabinoids, and her passion for the CBD products she makes made her the perfect client to work with.  A cancer survivor and mother of three, she can honestly attest to the power of what she’s doing and the products she’s creating.  This website needed to put equal focus on products, media and educational resources all while maintaining the personality of Jenny herself.  We think we knocked it out of the park!

Check out the website we built for Jenny’s Baked at Home HERE

Jenny's Baked at Home

Like what you see?  We’d love to hear from you and figure out a way we can help your canna-co look awesome!