Common SENSimilla

Sam Houston – Founder of CannaBuzz

by Zach

In this episode of Common SENSimilla, Will sat down with Sam Houston, founder of CannaBuzz, a social media network focused on cannabis.

About CannaBuzz

CannaBuzz® is a digital community where cannabis lovers from around the world can meet and engage with one another virtually. They aim to provide a safe place for people to discuss ideas, share thoughts, and be enthusiasts. Through the app, it’s possible to stream live video, that way you can have friends over and stream a cannabis-related movie session, or you can even host talks with industry experts. The content you make is up to you! As a team of cannabis activists, CannaBuzz is ecstatic to help cannabis enthusiasts and entrepreneurs locate their own slice of the cannabis world.

CannaBuzz® is here for everyone, from growers to strain breeders to Ganjapreneurs to tokers to whole-plant medicine believers. Learn more about CannaBuzz.

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