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A Mass-based CBD brand has significantly improved the way they communicate with their customers. We were excited to help!

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It's All About Community

If you’ve spent any time in the New England Cannabis and Hemp space, then you know who Laura Beohner is.  Her determination to promote the positive effects of CBD (and THC) has turned her into an ever-constant presence at most educational, trade and advocacy events for the past 5 years.  Along with her Fiancé, Zach, they have turned that drive to educate and foster a growing community into one of the most powerful up-and-coming CBD brands in the country, the Healing Rose.

Like most small companies, the Healing Rose started their journey with a bootstrap Wix website.  It allowed them to gain the momentum they needed to kickstart their business and gain some traction with consumers.  Laura’s intelligence and tenacity took them the rest of the way.

Our primary focus was to design a website that conveyed the light, elegance of the Healing Rose brand, while providing a whole new blog layout, giving them a better platform to develop thought-leading content.  As part of our amazing relationship with Square, we developed a consumer and wholesale e-comm functionality ensuring that none of the intricacies of retailer relationship were lost.

This was a huge project for us, both in scope and emotion.  Laura and Zach are two peers who we greatly admire in this space, who have done an amazing job creating a brand that hasn’t lost touch of where it came from.  We’re super proud of this one.

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