Northeast Processing

Creating an identity and web presence for hemp extraction experts

New logo

Northeast Processing is poised to be one of the larger hemp labs and processing facilities in the New England area.  Being able to watch doctoral chemists do amazing things with hemp extraction is definitely a perk, but it was still important to provide NEP with some brand strength that could help them get over their initial launch.  Our method was to take inspiration from the flat design of the pharma and science industries and “Vermontize” them.  We pulled in the image of the Connecticut River, which separates Vermont from New Hampshire and opted for a modern, professional font lock-up.


Northeast Processing focuses on a core competency of services.  Testing hemp and extracting all oils and terpenes from it, developing new products, and wholesaling bulk material.  We’re currently in the process of switching over their cannabis website from our Brochure to Semi-custom so that they can provide e-commerce to their customers in a simple and manageable way.


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