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From Personal Blog to Media Empire

Eli Harrington is a name well-known amongst the cannabis community of Vermont.  For the past few years, he and his business partner, Monica Donovan, have acted as advocates and as the voice of those interested in pop-culture, political commentary and everything cannabis through their company Heady Vermont.

Over the last 3 years, the Heady VT team has accumulated a wealth of great content, and their mission had changed a bit.  Beyond news, HV was beginning to put on fairly large scale events, and had developed a membership-based business network.  It was time for a change and we were psyched to take the call.  Our first goal was to streamline the user-flow significantly by designing clearer paths to desired content.  We gave Team Heady flexible tools to organize articles, promote their events and drive new business through their member-portal.

Our Page-Builder System allowed Heady Vermont the opportunity to affordably update their website; re-designing the front end to encourage engagement, and simplifying the back-end to be as efficient as possible.  Now they are able to reintroduce relevant content on newer pages to make their articles

CannaPlanners is a proud sponsor of many Heady Vermont events, including the upcoming VTCANNthe recent Headies and hopefully many more future events.  We can’t wait to see what amazing story breaks next on the newly launched website.

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