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Dreamt is a science-backed sleep aid made with Cannabis

This project was a dream come true, pun absolutely intended.  Based in Los Angeles, Dreamt is the culmination of an incredible amount of research, formulation and product development leading to the creation of a product with the single goal of helping its user have a better nights rest.  Zzzzzzzzzz.

For us, this project represented the perfect creative situation in which we were able to have our hands on everything from the brand and web to the packaging and design of the product itself.

In developing this new brand, it was important to tow the line of cannabis culture and science leaning heavier on the deep research putting into creating this formulation.  The iconography may seem like a no-brainer, but it was key that we maintain some simple elegance while also being slightly obvious with the logo, color layouts, and even the name.  We wanted there to be zero confusion in what this product was for.  Brands like Nyquil, Kushy Punch and Dosist provided us with some heavy inspiration on what a “sleep” product should really look like.  We wanted to build a product that was clear and straight-forward; when someone walks into the dispensary and says, “I’m having trouble sleeping” the budtender points to Dreamt product, explains it clearly and recommends it vehemently.  We mostly looked outside the existing Cannabis industry to find elements we could pull from, and found ourselves creating mood-boards from the food, pharma and cosmetics industries.

Dreamt aims to be one of the most significant disruptors to the pharmaceutical sleep industry, and among the most well-known and respected Cannabis brands in the world.  The first product (of many) that we started with was their vape pen, and, with the recent vape scare sweeping the nation, we wanted to be clear and concise with the quality of the product through clean design and high-end packaging.  Working with foreign manufacturers to get the buttons and physical layouts just right was a new thing for us, but we were ready aimed for success.  The result is an absolutely stunningly-looking product that represents a cohesive brand.

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