New Grass Roots – Tech and Politics

by Will

2 Legalization Bills to Hit the VT House

In the very near future, 2 bills will hit the House of Reps in Vermont to legalize cannabis, and create a structured market-place.  This is absolutely huge for Vermont, and we at CannaPlanners fully support both H.170 and H.490 and hope they pass with flying colors.

Did you know that you can call your legislators and give them direct feedback on certain bills?  Of course you can – you hired them!  Sometimes being involved can be intimidating, especially if this is a new thing for you.  Luckily, we live in an age where technology makes it not only easy to get in touch with politicians and engage with them and the political process.

Here are some great resources:

  1. Not sure who your legislators are?  Check out Open States
  2. Twitter – duh – Everyone is on Twitter, you can find a list of US Congressmen and Women HERE
  3.  NewGrassRoots – which will allow you to send your politician a voicemail on specific bills.  You can track whether or not the recipient listened to the message and follow-up.  This is an amazing tool that needs to reach more people.

However you engage, keep it up!

Photo by @LiftedVt