Louisiana bans CBD sales outright

by Will

This past Thursday (3/21) the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control released THIS statement regarding a total ban on the sale of CBD products until further notice.


Louisiana law prohibits any product to contain any level or trace amount of THC.  Furthermore, the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy has issued guidance its Guidance Document re Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil that any product extracted from a marijuana plant is classified as a schedule I under the Louisiana Controlled Dangerous Substance Law.


As a result, and to get in front of any complications for our clients and their customers, CannaPlanners is taking the precaution of removing LA completely from the state drop-downs on all our client websites.


This is a total bummer for the Cannabis industry, especially those in Louisiana who have found some sort of comfort with CBD, but we’ll stay in front of it and any news or updates that come our way.