Learn How to Create a Coupon Code in WooCommerce

by Kory

Manage your Discounts!

The integration of WooCommerce into our CannaPlanners Page Builder was a game changer.  Being able to have our clients offer their customers a more enriching e-commerce experience was not only huge for their businesses, but it was a big step in normalization (especially once we forged our partnership with Square) and we’re always on a quest to keep rolling out feature upgrades to improve the customer experience.

A pretty simple feature we’ve got built into our WooCommerce stores are Coupon Codes.  You’ve likely used an online coupon code at some point in your lifetime, if not you’ve definitely heard them mentioned at the ends of most advertisements; “use coupon code xyz and get 10% off at checkout”.  This is a hugely important feature that can actually increase your store profits by encouraging a larger spend and be used as a strategic marketing tool during specific times of the year (editors note:  Black Friday is coming – be nice to your developer team and reach out to them now for any feature updates you need for the holidays).

While this is a pretty simple feature to customize, there are a few important variables that can impact how the code works.

To learn more check out our tutorial video on the specifics of generating coupon codes in WooCommerce.

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