Introducing the 2020 Pipe Classic Qualifier

by Will

What is the Pipe Classic?

For the last 13 years, our friends over at the Bern Gallery – the premier Vermont glass gallery – have put on one of the most sought after events in the entire industry; a competition pitting artist against artist to crown a champion based on who makes the most beautiful and outrageous functional piece of art.

This is the Pipe Classic. CannaPlanners has been a proud sponsor of past events; it always brings the Vermont and Glass communities together for an epic week of art, food, fun and a record-setting, mouth-droppingly amount of cannabis consumption.

COVID-19 will slow us down, but it will not stop us!

As you might imagine, the Pipe Classic counts itself as one of the hundreds of thousands of public events that has had to cancel as a result of COVID-19, social distancing and overall social responsibility. It’s sad, but a necessary evil to ensure that people can remain healthy. So – rather than calling it quits, Tito & the gang decided to get a bit creative this year.

Enter: The Pipe Classic Qualifier.

In light of the cancellation of the week-long event, Tito, Sarah-Mae and the rest of the amazing staff at the Bern Gallery turned to CannaPlanners to help figure out a solution, because, as they say, the show must go on.  We collectively decided to move the Pipe Classic online and create a whole new competition.

Watch the Teaser Video

This was a ton of fun to make.  Tito and his crew were amazing to work with and came prepped with some great insight.  Check out the final cut!

An Online Glass Blowing Competition

CannaPlanners was tasked with coming up with an interactive solution to engage all the fans of past Pipe Classics in a new and fun way.  Our first thought was to incorporate a “March Madness” type Sweet 16 (in this case 32) bracket system wherein users could vote for the entries they loved the most.

Every few days there will be a new round of contestants and an open voting period where you can cast your votes and hype your favorites. Check out our homemade Pipe Classic Qualifier Test Bracket!

We’re live streaming the event; TUNE IN!

In addition to the cool functionality we built, we wanted to make sure that all the content broadcasting for the Pipe Classic Qualifier would be worthy of all the hard work everyone was putting in, so naturally, we took that over too.  Our teams will be doing a Live Stream for the full 6 days of the Pipe Classic Qualifier – channeling our best Bob Costas to bring commentary and insight into each of the artists and the pieces they create.  This is huge and we’re so excited!

Set a Reminder for the Live Stream

Set your clocks and be sure to smash that Subscribe button and hit the 🛎 to get notifications!  This is going to be awesome!

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