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How to get 1 month of content from a 1,000 word blog post

by Zach

If you have a content production team, a monthly content service, or even if you are writing blogs yourself – there is a lot you can and should be doing with that content outside of just posting it on your websites blog. Creating & publishing your content is one thing, distributing it effectively across marketing channels is another.

It’s important to not only get your marketing messaging out across all possible channels, but it’s also important to keep that messaging consistent across all channels. This alignment helps to streamline your content production process while avoiding confusion for your customer base, all while adding a sense of authority and competence to your brand’s identity.

This post details how you can use something like a blog post to create content on all of your other channels.

How to get 1 month of content from a 1,000 word blog post

Don’t overthink this, it’s really pretty simple. Pull 4-5 headlines/topics/ideas from the post, each with 100-200 words of copy underneath, then…

From those 4-5 headlines:

  • Create 4-5 question/answer based emails
  • Create 4-5 educational Instagram posts
  • Create 4-5 different polls or posts on LinkedIn
  • Create 4-5 different conversational posts on Facebook

Take this post for example. I could make a separate email or social post out of each one of these headers:

  • What is pay-per-click advertising?
  • Why can’t cannabis businesses utilize PPC or social media advertising?
  • Why does this matter? It means that you have a bigger barrier to entry in terms of acquiring new customers
  • SEO does not work in a vacuum – utilize the content elsewhere

This helps you get a LOT more value out of your blog content, especially if you have a writer or a service creating content on a monthly basis for your company. There are COUNTLESS ways to repurpose content, and you can always revisit old posts for new inspiration!

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