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How does a CannaPlanners custom build compare to Wix or Squarespace?

by Will

Break out of the matrix of ready-made themes and chunky functionality with a custom-designed website. Save time, frustration, and your precious creative resources for growing your business and let us handle the web.

Why is a custom website the better choice for me? Ah, let us count the ways! Custom designs are safer, faster, and more flexible.


While Wix and Squarespace (let’s call it WixSpace) are steadily improving their security offerings, a custom design provides incomparable levels of security for both you and your website’s users. The biggest threat to using a DIY platform like WixSpace is that you are opening yourself up to viruses and glitches that any other website on the same platform could contract. Think of a daycare center in February: it’s colorful and there is nap time but more importantly it’s a germ swamp! While you might take precautions with WixSpace or another provider to keep your site safe, you are still vulnerable to anything that any other WixSpace user might get.

With a custom design, you remove the risk of hundreds of thousands of other sites. Essentially, you can graduate from the germy daycare!


The curse of the slow load time: we all know it. The spinning wheel of death or a picture that loads only halfway, these are common problems of a website with too much functionality. When you use a template with WixSpace, your site comes with functionalities that you likely won’t use. This means that your website is loading all of these things behind the scenes every time even though they’re not in use. This can make your site slower than molasses!

Get a custom website built, and your site will be all lean muscle with only the functions you’re actually using. No more slow loads, no more pixelated images!


This is the most obvious argument for a custom website. It’s custom! If you want to add something or change something drastically, perhaps your business pivots from products to services for example, our web team will take care of the site so that it grows and changes with you.

Don’t just take our word for it – if you’re looking for more details on the pros and cons of custom builds, see this article from Delta Quest Media HERE

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