Why Enterprise Level Hosting is Awesome

by Will

At CannaPlanners we use WP Engine Enterprise Hosting to host all of our websites. What exactly makes managed hosting for WordPress so much better than shared hosting?

  • Speed: Managed servers from WP Engine have an incredibly fast caching layer built-in that is built specifically for WordPress
  • Updates: Server updates and WordPress core updates are tested by a team of engineers on their infrastructure before they are rolled out
  • Staging environments – Need to test out a new plugin without affecting your current site? Copy your site files and database to a staging environment, right  from inside your WordPress dashboard With WP Engine’s “Copy to Staging” button.
  • Secure, daily backups of your websites files and database.
  • A hosting platform that is optimized for WordPress, and only WordPress.
  • Access to more system resources (CPU, RAM are critical for database driven CMS like WordPress)
  • A team of WordPress experts to help when the situation arises

Shared vs Managed hosting – what is the difference again?

Shared hosting There are many shared hosting companies that claim to be WordPress experts, but there are often many drawbacks to using shared hosting: One of the biggest limitations of share hosting is the limited system resources. The same server is shared by hundreds , possibly thousands of web sites. Here’s a good analogy : It’s a lot like living in an apartment building and sharing every resource with the other tenants. Do you really want your website living in such a crowded place? Shared hosting can be a huge potential security issue as well running WordPress. Shared hosts often do not understand all the nuances of running WordPress and will not patch their systems when critical WordPress core updates are available.

Often you will see shared hosting providers advertising “Unlimited Storage” and “Unlimited traffic” – these are usually followed with an * because it’s never actually going to give you unlimited storage or bandwidth. Once you hit a hard limit, they can shut you down. This makes shared hosting less than ideal for your website if you anticipate to grow your company and serve potentially hundreds or even thousands of unique visitors every day.

Shared hosting might be the right choice if you are just getting started with your business, and don’t want to spend more than you absolutely need to every month. It’s technically the cheapest possible option to host a website –If you are running a medium to large sized company, does it really sound right to be paying only $1.99 / month for website hosting?  When your business starts growing out of the garage, it’s a smart move to look at managed hosting.  But what if I just want to keep paying $1.99 for the rest of my life, you ask? Unfortunately, the cheap prices at shared hosting companies usually last for a “promo period” which is around 3-6 months, and then they raise the prices up , so you might as well have spent your money on quality managed hosting.

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