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What’s an Email Marketing Welcome Series?

by Zach

What is a welcome email series?

An email welcome series is a group of emails sent to subscribers who have just signed up for a list. The sequence of emails is your chance to make an unforgettable first impression. These emails provide an opportunity to introduce yourself, tell your brand story, and set yourself apart from your competition. They can also help you get a better understanding of what your clients really want. Most importantly, an email welcome series can convert interested new contacts into customers.

Prospects are the most excited about your product when they opt-in to receive emails – an email welcome series builds on that excitement to move them towards making a purchase. The very act of subscribing shows that the prospect is interested in your product trusts you with their information, and wants to know more about you. In a way, your customers are introducing themselves to you. Sending them welcome emails is like a handshake; this polite gesture says you are interested in getting to know them better too.

Surprisingly, very few companies send just one email welcome, much less a series. More specifically, only about 39 percent of brands send a welcome email; 41 percent of those do not send it within the first 48 hours and 27 percent send zero emails within the first three weeks.

Top considerations for an email welcome series

Welcome series emails generate up to 320 percent more revenue per email than other types of promotional emails. They also trigger three times the transactions and revenue per email over other types of promotional emails.

To reap these rewards, though, your email welcome series must contain certain essential elements, such as:

  • Timeliness – people expect a welcome email within the first 24 hours after signing up
  • A clear and engaging subject line
  • A personalized greeting – personalizing the subject line with the customer’s name can increase the likelihood that they will open it
  • Clear instructions of what to do next – provide a link to your website’s welcome page, for example, or link to a particular product
  • An offer or gift – adding an offer to your welcome email to boost revenue by 30 percent per email
  • An invitation to follow you on social media – be sure to include links
  • Request to add you to their “safe senders” list
  • An unsubscribe link
  • Request to refer a friend

How many emails should you include in your welcome email series?

Getting the most out of your email welcome series requires a strategic plan in which each email in the series moves your prospects a step closer to becoming customers – four welcome emails should cover most plans.

Email welcome series example template

The specific content and sequence of welcome emails may be slightly different for each brand, of course, but could include:

Email 1: Personalized welcome. Thank them for subscribing, and offer a small discount.

Email 2: How we work; tell the recipient about your brand and your team.

Email 3: What to expect from us; recognize the recipient’s pain point and describe how your brand addresses it.

Creating an email welcome series is one of the easiest ways to make more money from your cannabis business. This series of emails create a clear path to convert interested prospects into first-time buyers.

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