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Email Marketing Strategy for Dispensaries

by Zach

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The number of states going weed legal is ticking upward every year, which means the number of cannabis dispensaries is also on an uphill climb. While the cannabis industry is anticipated to reach over 90 billion by 2026 and owning a dispensary is no doubt profit potential, success relies on one key factor: marketing.

Your website is like your digital home base, your social media presence acts as a part of your voice, and word-of-mouth can take you far. But email marketing for dispensaries is like the terpenes in the cannabis at your dispensary—dispensary email marketing differentiates and attracts.

The Value of Email Marketing for Dispensaries

Email marketing for dispensaries is far more effective than you may anticipate. Cannabis is undoubtedly a more modern business, but tried-and-true marketing practices like email marketing remain consistently effective. The average ROI for email marketing is $38 per dollar spent, which is unmatched by most other forms of marketing. A few good stats that go to show just how valuable a cannabis email marketing strategy can be:

  • 3.9 billion people use email around the planet and 91 percent use their email every day
  • Over 70% of people prefer marketing promotions to arrive via email
  • Email marketing is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter combined

Staying in touch with customers and prospects via email also allows for two-way engagement in a more personalized manner. Dispensary customers will appreciate the direct line of communication between themselves and your place of business, and this alone could be what sets you apart from competitors.

Rules to Building an Adequate Dispensary Email Marketing Strategy

To see the most attractive ROI with email marketing, the strategy has to be carried out just right. A few best practices to keep in mind include:

  • Go for short and simple – Emails less than 200 words are most effective in terms of action or click through
  • Keep emails mobile optimized – 60% of emails are opened via mobile
  • Provoke an action – A call to action is the defining conclusion of every email and built around the purpose or intention

Dispensary Email Examples

So, what should you be sending your email subscribers as a dispensary? While news about your products and what you have to offer are always good places to start. The best email marketing for dispensaries will include a healthy mix of types of emails.

Welcome Emails

Welcome emails set the stage for future communication. Go beyond a generic “hello.” Shoot for saying hello, introducing the brand and products, and showing a recipient why they should be interested in your dispensary. The latter could be anything from introducing a subscription service to introducing a rewards program. A great deal of future success with communication is contingent upon this introductory email, so honing it in to hit the mark is exceptionally important.

Dispensary Newsletters

Newsletters deliver periodic content, which works tri-fold for your dispensary. One, you are building your persona, letting readers know more about your brand and who you are. Two, newsletters keep you relevant; consistent communication works almost as a reminder of “Hey, don’t forget about us.” Three, newsletters give customers that bit of something more, whether that be new insight into the latest strain, industry news, or announcements about your dispensary.

Price Cuts and Bundles

Price cuts and bundles are always fitting for email communications for your dispensary. These messages have high open rates because most customers are all about getting a good deal or getting a perceived reward for being your customer. While savings promotions and rewards are built into your marketing strategy to make your dispensary more money, these emails go out under the guise of dispensary customers getting something of value. Therefore, they can be highly effective for the purpose.

Ready to Build an Email Marketing Strategy for Your Dispensary?

The future of cannabis dispensaries is bright. Without question, eventually, it will be those that strategize and market the best that get and keep a strong foothold in a booming arena. If you’re ready to get your dispensary set apart from the rest and attract target customers, reach out to us at CannaPlanners for a quote.