Continuous Scroll is Coming to Mobile Search Results

by Zach

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Google made an announcement on October 14th, 2021 that “continuous scrolling is coming to Google Search on mobile devices.”

The mobile search engine results page (“SERP” for short) redesign comes after a full SERP redesign that was completed back in January 2021, when Google began to roll out information panels and other SERP features.

What does this mean for cannabis brands?

Continuous scrolling (think insta/LinkedIn feed) makes it easier for users to view more search results on a given results page. This means that having your website appear in organic listings (below the map pack) just became a lot more valuable!

People will inevitably scroll through more search results…

This gives your website a greater chance of bringing in clicks/traffic. It means that links appearing below the local map pack section and/or below the paid ads will have much more visibility and we will likely see click through rates for ranking positions 5-15 increase.

What is your strategy for appearing in organic search results?

What type of content are you publishing on your website in order to be found in search results? For our clients at CannaPlanners, we deploy both a local AND national SEO strategy to ensure that your website shows up for “near me” keywords AS WELL AS non-branded keywords related to products, brands, and FAQs.

Showing up locally

The objective of any local SEO effort is to raise your chances of getting found online in your own backyard and in your region. It’s all about attracting consumers or site visitors who are already in your area or who are planning on visiting. Local SEO should be at the center of any effective dispensary SEO approach since dispensaries are all physical stores. You want your dispensary to appear when people search “dispensary near me” or “where can I get edibles.” But how exactly? Learn more about Local SEO.

Showing up nationally

While local SEO focuses on attracting customers near you, national SEO focuses on growing brand recognition and establishing you as an expert in the cannabis industry. A comprehensive content plan is essential for national SEO. For example: If your dispensary is in Massachusetts, but a resident of another state finds your website when searching “how much is an eighth?,” that is an excellent example of a well-executed nationwide SEO campaign. Questions like these get TONS of impressions and you know this audience is geared to your products. Chances are this will also appear for people searching this question near you, which is a win-win. Blog posts like this also earn natural backlinks, which is a HUGE part of ranking in search results. Learn more about National SEO.

Shoot me a message if you’d like to talk about developing a search-friendly content strategy for your dispensary or cannabis brand.

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