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Are you using Google Analytics? We think you should be

by Will

Google Analytics is easy to install and easy to integrate with all your other web management tools. It is relatively user-friendly and makes itself pliable to what you need it for with custom reports and customer support.

What you can learn from GA

  • Who is visiting your site (and from whence they came)
    • Get to know your website users down to the details. GA is fantastic at providing a demographic picture of your customers.
  • How long they’re staying on each page
    • You may have heard the annoyingly curt phrase “bounce rate” before. Using GA to investigate which pages are bouncing the hardest and which are actually drawing users in can help you improve your content and lower your bounce rate over the long haul.
  • What links or content engages them most
    • Use GA to funnel down even further: you now now which page holds eyes the longest, now check out your links there. Which are being clicked consistently? Where do they lead? Are you having trouble getting users to “convert” (aka buy something, sign up for something, or any other discrete action). GA will help you see ways to tweak or restructure your pathway for customers so you can get more conversions, and perhaps more importantly, the conversions you actually want.
  • Which of your social pages is driving the most visitors to your site
    • Ah, don’t you love how technology connects us? Or rather, don’t you love how technology helps you connect all the various digital arms of your business? Learn from GA which social page is doing the most work for you and then further optimize that page or give some TLC to the pages that aren’t really pulling their weight.

You can probably already see the benefits to all of this data. Another major pro of GA is that they keep this data up to date and accessible for you when you are ready to run a report or look deeper into your analytics.

If the world wide web is an environment, and your web properties are a landscape, then GA is your naturalist: it’s out there in windbreaker pants and an Indiana Jones hat cataloguing every instance of every user species and keeping clear notes for you to reference at anytime.

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